Tuesday, June 17, 2014

{interim posting for appearances' sake}

Sadly, when one is self-employed and loves to over-prepare for running a game, there isn't much "free time" left over for blogging. While people may desire more frequent updates here (or ~gasp~ a full catching-up on sessions to date), they're far more loquacious about their demands for more Spellburn episodes. And, truth be told, it takes far longer to recap a 6-hour game session with the level of detail I like to include than it does to herd all the cats into one internet space for a couple hours of recording.

Also prepping for some travel. Our group is performing this coming weekend, June 21-22, in the Peoria, Illinois area, and we're driving up from Florida to meet our bandmates flying in from Vegas. I was so bummed about the crossover in dates (this conflicts with both my regularly-scheduled DCC RPG game and Free RPG Day, dagnabbit) but the crew's indulging me in finding a public spot to run something Saturday evening after all the contractual obligations are met. It'll count as a session, so I'll get to do a write-up on that one, too! {The Tower out of Time should make an entertaining funnel...}

So... In the meantime, go enjoy Spellburn! I'm trying to be a little more sparse on the spoilers when discussing my game with "The Judges J" so there will still be shenanigans to read about over here, when I finish the umpteen drafts. If you've already been through the last year's episodes, I recommend another listen to the spellburn duel with guests Harley Stroh & Michael Curtis. I always pick up a nuance I'd forgotten each time I hear that one. =)