Saturday, February 28, 2015

Brady's last words (from 02.15.15 session)

[Not gonna lie: The act of posting recaps is more than difficult. Ergo, as judge, I'm hand-waving this rule.]

After exploring Brady the Merchant's shop and newly-constructed warehouse compound, and finding their own brewery was being robbed and fakes were being put out in place of the Dead Goblin Ale, they came across a wizard's workshop with a hidden portal. Using a Scale of Truloq to make the prerequisite blood sacrifice, they teleported into an unknown, who-knows-where cavern system. Shenanigans ensued (for days!) until they finally found the merchant. Despite him having been left for dead in this isolated place by forces unknown, Bjorn rattles him into raspy speech with repeated threats of death for stealing their beer. 

Here are some of the highlights:
...huh? Oh, damn dragons...
...stole the Pearl from under Quenn's nose...
...bargained with Capo Tormanu to take over imported beer shipments...but he welshed on the deal til I let his crew build the new shop. Not allowed to ask questions. No say.
 Doing okay after that. Port of Black Pearl all making money...
Had to live in the Mermaid while they rebuilt my house. Tore the whole damn thing down. Then wouldn't let me back...
Mortesh was angry. You took him. I let you leave. I let him out of my sight. So much much history! Worth so much...but I was weak. I couldn't keep him. Wanted him. Not for Mortesh. Not for research. Not for dragons. Mortesh is so angry...
...found workshop. Told Capo I'm out. Quiet. Then kid... Kid sold me out.
...Mortesh was so angry...

And, of course, before he can ask for quarter or assistance, he passes out -- at which point, Bjorn Berber (now a 5th-level dwarf) predictably kicks Brady's skull in.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

"Newer" Appendix N Alert

During my workyworkyworky~TING~ phases, I tend to listen to audio books. I paused in the midst of Jack Vance because I'd been wanting to re-read Scott Lynch's The Lies of Locke Lamora (and Red Seas Under Red Skies, the 2nd in his Gentlemen Bastards series) so that I can jump into the [relatively] newly-released 3rd book. I figured it'd be no issue to play this fluffy** one as a review while crunching on numbers...
**compared to Vance

OH MAN. The audio presentation of this is just that: a performance

As in, to the point that Bob's tired of listening to me gush about it.

It fantastically blurs that line of audio book and audio play. I find myself replaying chapters for enjoyment, not because I'd missed something. I almost want to replay the entire thing when I finish it, before going on to book #2.

And NOT SO FLUFFY anymore. As I mentioned, I'd read it before; twice, I believe, since I wanted to be refreshed on the storyline prior to reading the Red Skies. But the Appendix N appeal wasn't there back then...and by the Twelve Gods, this is a brilliant story about thieves set within a world previously inhabited by unknown alien entities. The Elderglass, the alchemical light balls, the gentled creatures... I'm in love with this book all over again. The audio presentation brings it to life in a way unlike any audio book I've experienced. If I had the time, I'd curl up with the book and read along!

As I'm listening, I'm also toying with the idea of starting a DCC campaign in this world, but it's a little too ... brutal, I suppose, for the local players. But it could be done...spectacularly in a convention setting, methinks.

Synopsis: Thank you, #DCCRPG, for re-opening my eyes to the possibilities of Appendix N, and things I'd missed before. And, of course, to Mr. Lynch, for material that makes me laugh, gasp, and re-read (and listen) repeatedly. Your dialogue inspires me to push my own creativity.