Sunday, November 30, 2014

Closing out Autumn

Since the last update here:
*The DCC RPG table had one mostly-sandboxed session after the last posted wrap-up. 
*The Dark Master finally graced "the Judges J" with his presence! Check out the Spellburn episode, if you haven't already.
*Spent approx. 1/2 of November away from home - and away from gaming! The horror! No DCC RPG for an entire month...I'm pretty sure the pain is physical.
*Completed many proofings of the upcoming "Treasure Vaults of Zadabad" from Stormlord Publishing. It's a biggie.
*I had the pleasure of attending a super-secret playtest of a certain mythological post-apocalyptic game setting. I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of such, nor the caliber of awesomeness.

This week: 
*Wednesday, Dec. 3rd - Redeux of "The Dying Aereth" tournament at Gateway Games in Cincinnati. As much as I loathe cold weather, I love this group enough to stay in snowland for one extra day!
*Registering for Gary Con!
Next week: 
*I'm hosting a playtest of the next product from Thick Skull Adventures at Dungeon Games, the newest FLGS in SW FL. 
*Also need to post the next game wrap-up before the last open table game of the year. (Only one on the calendar for December.)

*Finessing the event schedules for Gary Con...
*Potentially picking the biweekly DCC group up and moving it to the newer FLGS. It's a smaller venue, but far more welcoming. If it means limiting the table size, that might be a blessing at this crucial sandbox crossover point.
*Copy-editing and proofing is on deck for the Thick Skull product, as well as a few others in the wings. (I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying/thriving on this!)