Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Show me on the hex map where the bad man touched you..."

Oh-so-many things about Gen Con Indy 2013 were so wrong ...but so right.

While +Marooned was the priority (gotta pay the piper who's paying me, after all), every other ounce of energy belonged to Goodman Games.  The performance schedule heavily conflicted with the gaming schedule, and for the first time ever I skivved off a gig.  I've never even called in sick before, but there was no way in hell I was giving up the single ticket we scored for one of +Harley Stroh's games.

My evenings were also taken up with DCC RPG awesomeness. Flying solo was new, but I felt confident enough to pull it off -- and I ended each evening by heading up to the suite some friends had landed for the Con, where I inevitably met people who were walking back toward my hotel at dark o'thirty a.m.

So, to recap: Lots of DCC people. Not enough DCC RPG gaming. Waaaaaay too little sleep. Survived on espresso & adrenaline/excitement. The drive home was....interesting.

The important pics are here; those & the extraneous pics are here.

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