Thursday, December 19, 2013

Spellburning the candle at both ends...

In the spirit of cross-posting for the goodness of the cause: Go listen to the latest episode of Spellburn!  I love catching up with the J3 Judges and what they've been up to between shows, and if I wasn't already excited for the 2014 gaming season {which lasts year-round, of course}, I am now!

What have I been up to this month?
Not-so-gaming stuffs ~
-biweekly local client requirements (read: steady checks are a good thing)
-getting out the physical holiday mailings to friends/family/clients (closer to 200 than 250 this year - huzzah!)
-playing catch-up on late client missives and trying to clean the audit hurricane that hit my office {this really should be highest priority, yet here I am}

Gaming stuffs ~
-playing in two of the hubby's AD&D 1st Ed. games (1 weekly, 1 biweekly)
-working feverishly on getting ALL my 2013 DCC RPG game sessions chronicled
-updating the loot & XP rosters for the FLGS group
-making lists re: this campaign and checking them thrice, which leads to creating more lists
-lining up the next module to hit them with
-conferencing, researching, and rough-drafting on this new writing project**

**Yeah, there's probably a descriptor necessary if you're not on G+ or FB, or if you missed my week of updates...  Ernie Gygax could not contain his enthusiasm as he showed us the drafts for his Hobby Shop Dungeon adventure, which is slated to be printed by TSR in the near future.  (I'll admit it was pretty damn awesome to see his original notes and maps from 30-40 years ago.)  As the months drew on, the hubby was brought on board to create a key character in the HSD world and write about him...and they kept pitching it to me, as they need someone who can write a strong female character.  They finally gave me a couple key phrases to work with, and it's blossomed from there -- so I shall be writing for their Shieldmaiden, a cleric whom I see as a medieval battle sister.  =)  The Crossroads to Adventure books will tie in with the HSD and future modules.  This interview with Benoist Poire gives a pretty good run-down on the whole deal.  Despite my utter abundance of free time (HA!) I'm stoked to be on the project and my first text submission was a success.  Only *cough* *wheeze* -thousand words to go...

Okay, enough about D&D.  Back to DCC brain....more Spellburn!

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