Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back in session!

The opening of another FLGS in our area has spurred me into action. I've been all kinds of productive for my Road Crew game, which reconvened last Sunday:

  • tallied treasure & XP totals for the regular/returning PCs
  • assembled the campaign's modules & notes into one cohesive binder for reference at the table
  • created magic swords to reflect daggers that were commissioned for production...and a couple others to have on deck
  • crafted info cards/sheets for complex magic items in play
  • statted an artifact the Carnifex gave out at the end of the last game (see here for Muse info)
  • statted a dragon
  • started notes for the next game**

If you haven't already done so, I highly recommend you create a magic sword using the advanced magic rules in the Judge's section of The Tome. I found it to be both eductional and inspiring. (For more advanced magic tidbits, check out Episode #30 of Spellburn! ...Don't tell me you didn't see that coming.)

And no, I'm not burying the lead here. They haven't come across a dragon (yet), but the assembly is a bit time-consuming and it's not something I can just pull together while they wait. That, too, was educational...and a bit scary.

**Possibly the most frightening part of all: I'm considering stepping outside of a module for our next session. That's right:


...It's terrifyingly exciting.


  1. Give into it Jen. Sometimes it's just best to let it happen. Sandbox. Yeah.

    Best of luck with it. It can be a wild time.