Thursday, July 18, 2013

It all started when...

Introductory scene: Free RPG Day 2012

Attend friendly quasi-local gaming store for swag. What's this book with a Viking with striped bell-bottoms? Whatever, there's more stuff here. Just grab a copy and move on.

Oh, hey, a buddy with whom we've played for years is running something.  It's...this adventure?  Okay...  He even has pre-generated character sheets ready for a game that was just available in print today.  How the heck does that happen?  (Ah, the innocence...)  Me, play a cleric?  Haven't spent much time with the cleric rules in D&D, so sure, I'll step outside the box.

<skip an hour ahead>

"Honey, Troy needs his book back. And I think I'm going to run this game. I'm gonna pick up the one remaining copy the store has in stock."

Rarely have I seen a happier face... and never have I seen the credit card come out so quickly.

A year later...

Same store. Yep, that's my name on the event. It's the 3rd time I've been here, running DCC RPG, essentially in convention format: mid/low-level pre-gen PCs, demo play, and swag!  I'm now eligible for the 2013 Road Crew t-shirt.  Woot!

A campaign was started with folks at the home base last year, but between errant children and a rotating lack of availability, it's kinda fallen by the wayside. And that makes me sad. So, the next FLGS event just might involve a funnel, so I can start stringing all the storylines together.  Depends on the quantity/caliber of players who show up. This weekend's will be sans hubby (he is running an Etherscope game, another of Goodman's products, in the same time slot) so I have to trust that I've grown the balls needed to hold the stage without backup. 

In the meantime, I (yeah, me - the one who'd never deign to join a gaming community 'cause of all the geeks who want to twist and twink the rules) have since joined the G+ community for DCC RPG as well as the Goodman Games forums, and have spent countless hours [and funds] on the habit for the sole purpose of exalting the awesomeness that is All Things Goodman & Stroh. The odd client scheduling still comes first, which is why the session reviews are this backed up, but I'll get there. The chronicling has also helped to spark more creativity!  As I recently mentioned to the creator of my favorite zine (yeah, me - a friggin' ZINE), "I have serious businesslike tendencies, but I'm determined to use them for good vs. chaos." 

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