Sunday, July 21, 2013

Public offerings #4 &#5

Today's Road Crew adventure was supposed to be a convention-style one-shot, but I actually had a player REQUEST a funnel. I just happen to travel with pre-gens, so...sure! 5 of 20 PCs died in The Portal Under the Stars. The players were so enthusiastic about leveling their favorite survivors, and more people were interested in trying out DCC, so the FLGS asked if I'd be able to accommodate. I pulled out The Treacherous Cobtraps and recruited a returning lvl-3 cleric from a previous game, and a different lineup whisked their way through it.

Bonus adventure = unexpected notch on the belt for the Road Crew. And ... The FLGS asked if I'd consider making the commute on a weekly basis. WOOT.

{Official write-ups to follow. Just updating while I'm still awake.}


  1. You prep like a fiend. That's awesome.

    1. I'm not an author. I have to make up for shortcomings in the DCC world somehow. =)

      Since I appear to be the only DCC source out here, I don't want to make people play in repeated adventures...which makes things challenging when I don't know exactly who's going to show up, or what their time restrictions are going to be.

      Now that I have the seeds of a steady crowd at the FLGS, I can start breaking out some campaign-worthy material (like yours).