Saturday, November 16, 2013

Michael Curtis* broke my calendar.

*Because everything is Michael Curtis's fault, right? Harley wouldn't lead me astray on this point, would he?

I could've sworn I'd first gotten my feet wet just a little over a year ago, around Oct'12... Not so.

Commemorating here:
Jen's first DCC RPG game: July 14, 2012

Holy talking cows.

Feels like I finally got my feet under me in the past couple of months -- particularly, post-Gen Con.  So many important moments were encapsulated within a mere 6 days, and I truly believe I was meant to sit at the feet of the masters.

Even more "official" DCC RPG goodness:  I am officially The Acolyte.  Judge Jim & co. at Spellburn said so.

The subsequent chatter on G+ led to the demand of (a) a better title {High Priestess = ACHEIVED} and (b) a red robe to go with it.  Within 3 hours of finally getting to listen to episode #13 to confirm the fuss**, I was gifted with a voluminous red cloak.  Serendipity rules my life, people.

** I wish I could pretend I didn't react stupidly when I heard it.

Before anyone [else] asks:  It wouldn't fit in the luggage so it's staying with some friends in CA for a bit.  I suspect it'll be hotter than Hades during Gen Con, but we all suffer for our art at some point, right?

On the heels of this declaration, two gentlemen asked if I'd mind running playtest sessions of their upcoming publications.  This works perfectly considering my recent travel, so last week my FLGS group -- which included 3 new players converts -- ran through a good portion of Silent Nightfall, which just came out a couple days ago.  Enjoy!  The other is slated for next weekend...

I'm still floored.  Really didn't think I'd been running that long.  I think I need a drink...then time to prep the next session!


  1. Wow! Well played Jen, well played.

  2. Hey, you're the one to congratulate...for turning me onto the system! :)