Monday, November 25, 2013

Playtesting: Blood for the Serpent King ~ 11.24.13

Bjorn Berber: Dwarf/2
Wilber Wifflelinks: Halfling/2
Garrett: Halfling/2
James the Warrior: Warrior/2
Garrick: Wizard/2
Stieg: Warrior/2
Morgren Pickbeard: Dwarf/2
Nallo Morningstrider: Elf/2
Eridan: Confidence Artist/0
Vriska: Gambler/0
Gaven: Dwarf/0
Terezi: Ropemaker/0
Growlen Legbinder: Healer/0
Dirk: Cobbler/0
Verin: Costermonger/0
Griss: Elven Navigator/0

Upon the crew's return from the Tower of the Black Pearl, they find another 8 of the rescuees from the Starless Sea are itching for something to do other than make sure Paragon doesn't float away. Although it's been uncountable years, Paragon recalls there being a large town - maybe even a city, by mortal standards - less than a day's sail south, on the western shores (i.e., different continent). The group would love to hit a store or three, so they rest for a bit, then off they go....deeper into the tropics....lots of mangrove trees here....and y'know, mangroves have a nasty habit of altering the waterline by expanding from their own territory. So Paragon stops where he approximates it should be a short walk through the wetlands and the remaining folks on board (now down to 10) stay on watch.

There's a lot of trudging through the swampland. A lot. And then --

And then there was lots of cool stuff that I can't post publicly about.  You'll just have to wait for the upcoming release from Goodman Games, featuring an adventure from +Edgar Johnson...

The party emerges from a seemingly-endless underground tunnel by way of a slight incline, finally reaching fresh air on dry land. A nearby rock marks the entrance with a sigil in a language only deciphered by Bjorn's new "headgear". From the sight of smoke on the skyline, they're maybe half an hour from the city they were promised. They press forward, determined to count only their items for sale...and not the losses to their numbers.

"Blood for the Serpent King", Edgar Johnson / Goodman Games

Post-adventure math

Bjorn Berber: +18 XP, +1 Luck
Wilber Wifflelinks: +18 XP, +1 Luck
Garrett: +18 XP
James the Warrior: +18 XP
Garrik: +18 XP
Steig: +18 XP
Morgren Pickbeard: +18 XP, +1 Luck
Nallo Morningstrider: +18 XP
Eridan: +16 XP
Gaven: +16 XP
Terzi: +16 XP
Growlen Legbinder: +16 XP, +1 Luck

PARTY LOOT: 55 GP / 175 SP / 9 gems / jewelry / 5 spears / 4 short bows / 5 holy symbols / 3 large valuable stones / obsidian dagger / feathered cape / crown with gems 

Bjorn: bronze monocle circlet w/5 lenses


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