Friday, March 14, 2014

In the meantime... More DCC RPG!

Hey, no posts lately. What gives? Don't worry, I'm not slackin' over here. This Sunday will be my 6th appearance on the DCC RPG 2014 World Tour.

Speaking of the Road Crew, did you know you can get the swag even if you're not running a game at a brick-and-mortar store? For just another 8 days, the DCC World Tour 2014 Kickstarter has all sorts of nifty stuff. I've already earned a handful of this stuff, but I need at least one of everything. (We've covered the whole "completist" angle earlier.) It's been nearly a year of holding open tables, so I doubt I'm going to run out of people upon whom I may bestow extra swag. And rumor has it we may be able to order a few key items a la carte in a couple of months...

So... Yeah. Six games in already.  And I don't Judge at cons.

But time to do the post-game write-ups? I've got a number of drafts in the works, but "free time" is a little hard to come by these days.

The chimera that is Real Life has reared its loathsome, fugly heads over the past three months, in the forms of the final phase of a client's sales tax audit, 1099 season, unexpected surgery for hubby, and the beginnings of tax season.  And yet, even amid this craptastic quarter of a year, I've continued to hold the open table DCC games on a biweekly basis. Before Christmas, the group began a large playtest, which concluded right after New Year's. They then hopped into the Road Crew special release, Glipkerio's Gambit, and that took them a pair of sessions to complete. We didn't even pause during the hubby's recuperative phase, and I suspect that move took more out of me than him.

In related news: The table has gotten stupidly large. And just this side of manageable. This weekend marks their 3rd session of an adventure I've been trying not to publicize, just so they don't look up spoilers.* Last date we had 9 players + me.  Three of them were brand new to DCC. And during one of the combats, a couple of the more experienced players took time between their initiatives to sell another guy who just wandered into the store onto DCC RPG. He walked out with the Easley cover [clearing the FLGS's shelf] and he'll be my 10th player this week. I am both proud and shaking in my boots.

Based on the sheer numbers, +Troy Tucker and I have bandied about keeping a regular DCC Day on the schedule and splitting the table. The next normally-scheduled game day falls during Gary Con, so I'll finally be missing one, but rather than cancel the entire day, I'm kinda hoping Troy takes over.

Also in the list of links I must provide:
-One of my birfday presents was just what I wanted: a fillable versions of the decorated character sheets. Of course, as a good little Acolyte, I had to share...and Goodman now has the link up for all to partake.
-Another goodie, recently unearthed: a fillable sheet for those creating their own Mighty Deeds of Arms.

Now, at this point, I could probably type an entire novella on how much we're looking forward to Gary Con, but it's already dark and I just started a pot of coffee to get some client crap off the desk and focus on the finale of Sunday's game. So -- we'll see you up in Lake Geneva, if you don't see us first!

*It's #69 if my fellow Judges are interested.

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