Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Butterflies. Every time.

I will be playtesting an upcoming module for Stephen Newton this Friday.

There are a handle of aspects that have me nervous about this:

-It's a funnel (not my forte)
-It's a small table (5 players max, odd for me)
-It's my first time running anything at this particular store
-The FLGS owner(s) may also be playing (their first time with DCC RPG)
-It's been nearly two months since I've picked up The Tome
-It'll be my very first time judging whilst being recorded (by the author's request*)

Okay, so the rest of the above items all add up to, "No pressure, really!" and I'm sure I'll get over them. It's really just this last tidbit that sets my teeth on edge. I think it would be less harrowing to have him sitting there, taking notes -- or even just watching via a Hangout or some such. The concept of such material being available indefinitely - especially with no visuals to put things into context - makes me wince.

But, hey - it'll prime me up for some of the more publicly-viewed venues such as ConTessa and Gary Con, right?


*Not sure why? Check out the latest Spellburn episode, wherein Mr. Newton himself talks about his multiple methods of playtesting adventures!


  1. Don't worry. Have fun. If it all goes south, blame it on Stephen Newton!

    1. Exactly! I will take full responsibility for any hiccups in the adventure. That's why we playtest.

  2. Thanks so much, Ms. Jen! You are a goddess among mere plebs.

    PS, don't forget to get permission to use the Playtester's names for credits in the module if they'd like to be included in the playtester section, and how they'd like their names spelled.

    Looking forward to hearing the recording.

  3. Relax. You have got this. If they get rowdy, sic Bob on them. ;)