Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Glipkerio's Gambit (part 1) ~ 01.19.14

[Editorial note: Cleaning out the pending drafts and posting with bare-bones basics. This way the players can at least skim through and remember which ones their various PCs took part in.]
Red: Wizard/1
Terezi: Thief/2
Tethys: Elven Falconer/0
Token: Jester/0
Toad: Thief/2
Remus: Cleric/1
Bash the Mighty: Warrior/2
Bjorn Berber: Dwarf/3
Garrett: Halfling/3

After the last fiasco, they're more than a little hesitant to succumb to the next fair lass crying for help. But they started wondering just who they were dealing with when three lovely maidens came into the picture...

The gate = best imagery I've gotten to describe to my players yet.

Glipkerio's Gambit - Jobe Bittman / Goodman Games

Post-adventure math
Red: +15 XP
Terezi: +15 XP
Bjorn: +15 XP
Toad: +15 XP
Remus: +15 XP
Garrett: +15 XP
Bash: +15 XP
Tethys: +15 XP
Token: +15 XP

PARTY LOOT: 21 GP / 35 SP / silvered dagger ("Lady Blackbird") / two-handed sword +2 (Mythender) / 3 uses of pipe weed 

Toad: gems (60 GP)
Terezi: clothing (5 CP)

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