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The One Who Watches From Below (part 1) ~ 04.13.14

[Editorial note: Cleaning out the pending drafts and posting with bare-bones basics. This way the players can at least skim through and remember which ones their various PCs took part in.]
Bonus in SW FL: DCC RPG Day at 2D10 Games now has two tables! It certainly changed the table dynamic(s).

Bjorn Berber: Dwarf/4
Garrett: Halfling/3
Growlen Legbinder: Thief/2
Eridan: Wizard/2 (+ Pyralspite, familiar)

Everyone's catching their breath after hauling as much "loot" as they could from their last Good Deed. (Let's take "Encounters with Encumbrance 101" for "not nearly as much GP as it should have been", Alex.)  They return to town to find rumors abound in their respective circles. Most seem to intertwine; there are whispers of a chapel hidden under the cobbles. Or was it a vault? Or a monster? The original owners were monks...but were seen as a cult. Maybe. It could even be under their very noses here in Great Bell, but Magmar knows better.

Magmar the Lucky is essentially the local ambassador for the Thieves' Guild and has been a fount of knowledge lately (his tip-off about the green wizard being the most notable thus far). Today, he seems to be stoned, as opposed to in his cups, and he lazily confirms every single rumor they'd heard. Even the contradictions. But, hey, as Bjorn & Co. declare, "Monks make beer! They've gotta be okay!" So Magmar goes further to explain about the Cave of Secrets, where many people travel to pay large sums of gold to answer the most elusive questions -- but the money hasn't been put back into the local economy. He slides across a map scribbled on a wine-stained sheet of vellum. In his lotus-binge haze, he explains it should only be a mere two days' travel. Oh, and could they be bothered to find Luthold, while they're out? He got lost.

After about 4 days of following the vague map, Bjorn is nearly sober and the others are cursing Magmar's name. These two things may be closely related.

The "ENTER" sign at the mouth of the cave is a dead giveaway, and not a smidgen suspicious...

[Note: The following day, Magmar is approached by the other PCs and he gives them the map he meant to give to the other group. What we have here, folks, is a concurrent pair of adventures. We'll see if it works out!]

....Most memorable moment: Pyralspite, the pseudo-dragon familiar, getting petrified by the gaze of a vilehund.

The One Who Watches From Below - Jobe Bittman / Goodman Games

Post-adventure math
Bjorn: +28 XP, +1 Personality
Garrett: +28 XP, +1 Personality
Eridan: +28 XP, +1 Personality, +1 Luck
Growlen: +28 XP, +1 Personality

PARTY LOOT:  To be tallied upon completion of adventure.

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