Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The One Who Watches From Below (conclusion) ~ 04.27.14

[Editorial note: Cleaning out the pending drafts and posting with bare-bones basics. This way the players can at least skim through and remember which ones their various PCs took part in.]
Bjorn Berber: Dwarf/4
Garrett: Halfling/3
Growlen Legbinder: Thief/2
Eridan: Wizard/3 (+Pyraspite, familiar)
Valmyr: Wizard/1

So many messed-up moments here. Most entertaining were the creativity used in transporting the now-petrified familiar, and Bjorn racing through underground tunnels as fast as his little dwarfy legs could take him after getting zapped for -6 Int. Yes, he got some herp with his derp.

The One Who Watches From Below - Jobe Bittman / Goodman Games

Post-adventure math
Bjorn: +13 XP
Garrett: +12 XP
Eridan: +12 XP
Growlen: +12 XP
Valmyr: +10 XP

PARTY LOOT: 5 silver-tipped arrows / mirror shield / Sparklefang (+1 long sword) / various "normal" equipment, resold for total value of approx. 447 GP to be split

Bjorn: 1 dwarven helm
Eridan: blue wand (force manipulation)

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