Monday, May 12, 2014

The Acolyte Ascension

You may have noticed that Spellburn's Episode 22 is up.

Totally related: "Meet the Band" has a spiffy little write-up (and is more eloquent than when one is put on the spot).

Apparently Gary Con was an audition. Good thing I didn't know; I would've tanked it.

Also related:   {skip this part if you're afraid of me "ruining the magic"}
Yes, I have been known to wear funny clothes and sing in front of people at least once a year. Usually they're complete strangers, and I'm good with that. If they like it, cool! If they smile and walk on, that's cool too. If they hate it, they'll keep walking. It's all good. Performing for friends/peers, on the other hand...I always feel sketchy. Similarly: When recording for Marooned releases, I can do multiple takes until it's right, and then I'm fairly confident in the little shrinkwrap-packaged disc I sell. Live? Not so much. It's difficult to break out of the 'perfectionist' mindset. But, hey -- Michael Curtis is a tall dude, and I can hide behind him for an episode. Right? ;)

One final thought: Dagnabbit. I totally forgot to level up on air!

Thanks for the support, all!

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  1. I don't know what you're talking about, Jen. You dropped right in like you'd been doing podcasts all you life : )